Top 10 Tip’s & Trick’s To Get Famous On TikTok 2020


Top 10 Tip’s & Tick’s To Get Famous On TikTok 2020. But first, you need A TikTok app to get started with all these Tips and Tricks. Some Basic efforts can make you a TikTok celeb in no time and You Will Start Getting Millions Of  Likes And Followers On Your TikTok Videos.

I will attach my youtube video tutorial for live demo of the trick that they work in real or they will be attached below the specific topic.

Pro TikTok Tip: It’s Not About Perfection

Why most of people don’t start because they think they need to be perfect in different aspect. People end up putting make-up, buy lighting or need an excellent camera to put content on the platform – which is not true at all. You don’t need to be perfect –” Just Be Yourself”.

1.Select you niche/category.

So what is is a niche/category? So the word niche means whatever you post or upload has to be about something specific topic. It might be either comdey,vines,technology,study etc.

Sticking to your niche will help you to get more audience for the relevent content you post.

To simplify it more ,just convert your hobby into your passion.

2. Post quality content over quantity.

By this i mean you should focus on creating content that gives meaning or value to you followers . Because by doing so ,your audience is going to stick to you. There are people out there who post anything and have millions followers or like but they aren’t valued.

3.Be consistent.

So this is the most hard part because people start a TikTok account, but don’t remain consistent either they lose hope or don’t see the result. This not a over night game. “GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME TO HAPPEN”. Not eventually but one day you are going to be famous and i firmly believe in you.

4. Create trending videos.

You can easily make video’s on trending topic just by simply going do discover/trending section. See whats currently going on and just make video on it.

5. Use Popular Music.

If you are someone who wants to dance on a song like most users, try to use a popular number from the app’s chart. That will help you get more exposure from the app.

6. Don’t copy , Just create.

Post something unique because if you copy content ,there is nothing wrong. But people get bore of looking same content. just copy the idea but do it in your way by adding your flavours.

7. Make duets.

Make duet with other users also. It helps to increase your reach as people share your duet on there account. Collaborate with other users to gain followers and increase your social range.

8.Hashtag Strategy.

Hashtags are essential on any social media. They help you to reach more people. Hashtags help display your video in the search result. The more relevant hashtags you use, the more viewers you will get.  TikTok allows only short captions so keep your text short and try to add more than 5-6 hashtags. Two to three hashtags should be related to your video, and the other two-three should be the ones that are trending.

9. Share your profile on other social media handles.

Share your content on youtube, Instagram and other platforms too.this is because some people might not use the app. So, it will help you to get more views as it increases you reach’s to wider audience.

10.The Trick.

To gain follower’s and like’s much more easily and fast just follow the below steps.

  1. Search for the most popular Tiktok’ers .
  2. Just click on follow and un-follow button for one minute.
  3. Then open their latest post and like at least 100 comments.
  4. Boom check,after few minutes and there will be notification of people following you.

And my friend if you have made this far reading this article,then here is some of the motivation you need. The people listed below started from nothing to everything now.

Here are a top 10 TikTok famous people of India:

1. Riyaz Aly — 32.9 Million Followers

2. Faisal Shaikh — 25.2 Million Followers

3.Awez Darbar — 23.2 Million Followers

4. Nisha Guragain — 22.8 Million Followers

5. Jannat Zubair — 20.8 Million Followers

6. Sameeksha Sud — 20.4 Million Followers

7. Avneet Kaur — 20.0 Million Followers

8. Arishfa Khan — 19.7 Million Followers

9. Garima Chaurasia — 18.8 Million Followers

10. Lucky Dancer — 16.4 Million Followers

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